UFO Sighting in West Milford, New Jersey on April 11th 2014 – On 4/10/14 @3:30am, I witnessed a UFO. Today, 4/11/14 @ 4:05, I witnessed an orb in the woods behind my home.

Yesterday I filed a MUFON report 55342 of a UFO sighting @ 3;30am.

Today I woke up @ 4am, went on my deck to look at the stars…there was nothing as bright in the sky as the object I observed on 25 hours previously

After perusing the skies, I noticed a light in the woods behind my home approximately 500-600 feet from my home. It was starlike. There is 23 acres of woods behind my home with homes 1/2 a mile to 1 mile a way.

I noticed what looked like a star in at the mid-way point of the tree line (30 feet in the air). It remained stationary. I stared at it hoping it was a home light. I have never noticed this light in my 12 years of living at my home.

At times it appeared to move up and down…anywhere from 1-3 inches (from my vantage point). I know stars can give this illusion if I look long enough…but the light dimmed, as though moving away, then became brighter as if moving towards my direction…at the 14 minute point of observing this orb, it moved in a small circular motion mid-speed (not slowly, but not fast)for two rotations, and that is when I went back in my home.

It was at this point I felt uncomfortable. I have heard enough stories of people observing a UFO, and then orbs…

While I am grateful to have witnessed such things in the last 25 hours, I am in no way interested in writing an abduction story.

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