The Social Inquisition

The Social Inquisition:

I call “Social Inquisition” at the “extreme” manifestations of the very human reaction to new things/to change, the “resistance” to accept new ideas, concepts, facts.

This Social Inquisition have been very present in all aspects of human activity, but I want to take a poke in its manifestations on Science and UFO related issues.

– These extremes manifestations had in many occasions taken “extreme” physical manifestations as was the case of Giordano Bruno burned alive in 1600(Giordano Bruno – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

– The “classic” example of Galileo that in 1633 was kept under house arrest for the rest of his life(Galileo affair – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

But there are more subtle cases in science with “less” extreme physical effects but where maybe the effects are also devastating, where the “influence” of these cases put a brake in science development and free thinking.

– C. F. Gauss and outstanding mathematician was hesitant to publish his discovery of non-Euclidean geometries because he was afraid of the reaction to a revolutionary idea negating Mathematical ideas that have lasted millennia.(Non-Euclidean geometry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

– The case of James E. McDonald that championed the expansion of studies into the UFO phenomenon, but he was ridiculed for it, he committed suicide in 1971
(James E. McDonald – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

– The case of Fred Hoyle that unjustly was negated a Nobel prize in Physics in 1983( not long time ago relatively) and the prize was given to whom basically tested his ideas(Willy Fowler), but Fred Hoyle was a “controversial” man, so that was a way to “punish” him and “set an example” against anybody that “dares” to be “free thinker“.(

– The case of Dr. John Mack that in 1994 his tenure was threatened by Harvard University after Dr. Mack’s publication of the book “Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens”. A very recent example of the fact that the topic of UFO research and/or serious investigation is Taboo in scientific circles.(John E. Mack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

And the living proof of that Social Inquisition in the UFO research area is the absolute zero existence of any open research or program about anomalies in any University. We are not talking about any subjective topic here, anomalies are very real, there are very concrete procedures to observe them in any clear day, but the “scientific community” is ignoring all of that, it could be consciously or unconsciously, but ignoring reality is delusion in anybody’s book.

But we should actually infer a little more about this scientific community denying of reality.

The “core” mentality, the policies that are in place that “enforce” this state of affairs, denying/ignoring one aspect of reality could actually be an indication of a “systemic” problem. Since this mentality have lead to the ignoring of one aspect of reality, there is nothing that indicates that this same mentality is not denying other aspects of reality that we are even unaware of.

Reality is deeply interconnected, as many physicist know many problems in the very small quantum reality could be deeply related to similar problems on the big scale of the Universe. So denying one manifestation of reality very likely is denying many other aspects of reality and the brake in place to further any studies in anomalies could easily be in place braking many other aspects of research.

So the very core principle of promoting/widening the scientific knowledge in all aspects of reality could be in danger just by denying one aspect of reality and that is the concrete result of the “Social Inquisition” in the area of UFO/anomalies research.

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