UFO Sighting in Bountiful, Utah on July 29th 2013 – Boomerang Simple streat flight from N NW To E SE 140 degrees.

Began out of north sky 10:00 position from where I stood, facing N NE as a dim flicker glittering light. The effect of glittering may have been the effect of its altitude and/or distance . at first i thought a reflection of a distant search light against the very clear night sky. at first very small the size less than that of a marble bigger than a bee bee. it did not deviate in its path or direction. after first ten seconds of sighting it took shape as a boomerang. by the time it was directly overhead, approximately 15 to 20 seconds after first sighting, its size was less than an inch, able to cover with thumb with extended arm. I estimate the speed as 2 X’s faster then that of low flying piper cub. Unable to give an estimate of altitude. As it entered the dim glow of the city lights of Salt Lake City, being a very clear night approximately 35 to 45 seconds into observation, it vanished absorbed by dim city lights. The number of lights on the boomerang were approximately two hundred evenly spaced, clearly visible. although it was clearly a boomerang shape. any clear outline could not be made out because of the position of the lights, a fussy and ghostly effect. I remained outside for a several minutes excited about what i had just witnessed listening for any noise or sounds. not a whisper. depending on the altitude of this object it could have been very huge and very fast. It was all over in less than a minute. this compared to a commercial airliner that can be observed for several minutes at high altitude.
My question is was their other observations of this type on this date July 29th 2013 at about 10:00 PM ?

Thank You for Your time all You do.

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PS This was not my first sighting.

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