UFO Sighting in Springfield, Oregon on April 7th 2014 – Saw it approach straight on, it flew directly over my car.

It was 8:56 pm and had just become completely dark outside. I was driving home from my daughters house and heading south on 7th street. I had already observed 2 instances of lights disappearing and doing odd things earlier that night, so when I saw this light ahead, I thought “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
There’s a very small mountain range directly south of my position, maybe 2 miles away. There was a bright light just above the mountains that appeared to be stationary. It was white with a blue undertone; very bright and constant, with no pulsing or blinking. It looked just like a street light, only centered over the road. When I came to a stop sign, the light was elevating very slowly; or so I thought. It was just moving towards me and gave the illusion it was rising. Upon approach, It became obvious that there were in fact two lights of the same color; side by side. I would guess they were two lights on one vehicle. I came to the Main st. stop sign and watched. The lights passed directly over my car. Watching through the T-tops of my Trans Am, I then opened my door and stuck my head out. It was extremely quiet with only a wispy / static / electrical type hissing sound. It was subtle, and almost inaudible. It was then, that I could see a ring; a halo right dead center of the two lights. I was looking at the under-belly of this object. The ring was barely noticeable and not illuminated. It just looked grey in comparison to the night sky, and the bright white/blue lights flanking the ring. It passed over very slowly and deliberately. I got the sense this was close to the ground; closer than an airplane on approach anyway. I could see no outline of a craft, which makes me think the object was black.
A honk from the car behind me, had me shutting my door and driving on. It was about 3 minutes from the time I spotted the object until it flew directly over me and I drove away. Like I said, it seemed to be an active night as I’d seen other lights in the sky doing “Other than normal” things.

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