abductions– what is the goal?

for years people have been trying to figure out the ‘abduction” problem.

it has been devilishly hard to figure out what ETs motives might be for such abductions.

for most of the last decades it was thought that somehow human DNA is that they were after.

since most of the research into DNA that were doing today make it look like there is no need for such large numbers of samples for simple studys. in effect a bit of overkill and a bit redundant. there is simply no reason to test thousands and thousands of humans .

personally i think the media/public is looking at the problem all wrong.

” it is not about US.”

well if all the abduction is not about humans then what is the ETs abductions about?

a speculation is that possibly ET is not looking for people but the bacteria and microbes IN the people –for whatever reasons. i don’t suspect a bio-war from ET as much as ET wants to harden themselves against such a threat from earth.

another idea is that ET is not testing human DNA that they might be attempting to ALTER human DNA –adding or subtracting strands from that big bank of ‘junk” DNA possibly–possibly create a new mutation– that might require a lot more than a simple DNA gene mapping operation. sort of a low odds gamble for ET possibly. only one out of thousands is able to carry the mutation?

if abductions are real and for the sake of this thread lets assume they are– this abduction thing is a big-can of worms.

IF ET is doing this — i’m not sure ET helping us is the goal.

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