Black Triangle Sighting in Pennsylvania on October 10th 2013 – More then one in this. Maybe an abduction coming from Canada

This is a lot of reading so I do apologies. I���ve had sightings and a possible abduction since I was a kid and as recent as last fall. I am not going to put all, just the ones that I deem the strangest. Please also excuse any grammar mistakes. My father is English major, growing up he always crammed it down my throat. I guess as a form of rebellion, I made it a point not to do great in English. Needless to say, I feel like the dummy now.

When I was about 10 years old my family and I were just walking through the door on 4th of July. The whole house lit up green and you could clearly tell something went over it. My father being the way he was then wrote it off as fireworks but, I remember my mother running to the porch and looking everywhere thinking a plane had crashed or something. After a few minutes of gazing into the woods, she then came in a searched the news for information. The really odd thing about it though was, the next day not my father, my brother, or my mother had any recollection of it.

When I was seventeen my cousin (Justin,) two friends (Zach and Brandon) and I made a day trip from Lake Eire to Canada. It was about ten or eleven a clock at night when we crossed the border back into the United States. Now, I want to say the drive is about three and a half hours but, I could be wrong give or take a few. Justin was driving I was sitting behind him. Zach was the passenger and Brandon to my right. When I woke I could see a boat swaying back and forth but could not move or talk just stare. It then accorded to me a boat can���t be on the road. I realized it was being pulled by a truck and was finally able to move my eyes. Everyone in the car was just stiff and staring straight ahead with emotionless faces. Somehow Justin was still driving. After about a minute and a half I was able to speak. ���What happened?��� Justin was the next to come out of the ���trance.��� ���I do not remember driving.��� He said in a weird sort of disbelief. After that all of us came out of it and there we saw the exit for Erie. To all of us though, it was as if we had just crossed the border ten minutes ago. Justin was always the logical type. He did not believe in anything paranormal. I remember being kids going to places that were said to be haunted and he was the type to run ahead and hide in the woods to scare you. He always had an explanation for everything. However Years later just a few months before his death I asked him if he remember this. Instantly I saw him get Goosebumps and he said to me. ���Sean, I can explain everything in my life. That I cannot and it still scares me a bit to this day.���

Roughly a year after the Erie incident about four of my friends and I took a walk on The Montour Trail in Cecil Township Pennsylvania. We did this often at night. The walk was about a mile and half long. Our ending point was this huge old train bridge that sits about two hundred feet above the water. On our way back not one of us said a word over half the way. There was this mesmerizing light right in the center of the sky that I can only best describe as a lantern. It was so bright and we were all entranced by. It was almost as if when one of use finally said something about it, the object started to move to our right. One of my friends and I then ran up a steep hill to see where it was going. Once we got to the top, we saw the ���lantern��� about half mile out over farm land spin and drop. We then observed another similar looking object coming in from the right. Shaken, we ran down this hill to the rest of the group and quickly got to the car. Zach, whom was with us in Erie, lived right up the road from this on a good bit of land. He once told me of something possibly landing in one of his field and scaring his dogs. However I cannot speak for Him.

Last September or October I was sitting outside my parents��� house on the outskirts of Canonsburg Pennsylvania. My mother who before this day did not believe in anything of this sort was sitting on the porch. I was in the yard playing guitar when I notice a blinking light in the distant sky. It was mostly blinking purple by would from time to time go clear. I had my mom come look and I could tell she was a little confused by it. After five minutes of sitting still, smaller lights started to come from all directions towards it, and then it was just gone. About a week after this my Grandmother, Mom, and I sat on the porch talking. My mom brought up those lights. Not long after something huge flew over the yard beside the house. I ran over but there was nothing. You could not hear it coming or going, just when it was on top of you. I was still on the side of the house and another one flew right over top of me. Once again, no sound was coming or going, just when it was above you. When I looked up it was massive, about the size of the house I would say. I don���t know if it was because it was so big but, it looked like it was only two hundred feet in the air. I remember thinking it was going to scrape the tree tops. It was a V. Just like the letter looks. I could see the dark sky in-between it. It was really black but it seemed to me to be reflective like something metallic. As quick as this all started it was over. My grandmother was really shaken and I remember her describing it as ���It sounded like the world was coming to an end.���

I have seen and experienced some other strange things, but these are the ones that stick out most in my mind. Keep doing what you do. The world needs more people in it that research this sort of thing.

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