UFO Sighting in Arkansas on October 31st 2013 – mini van size blend in with sky dark btm lght gray top 10ft above house 3ft hight

stepped outside walked to edge of carport the craft was so low it grabbed my eye my first insinct was a huge bird thought i was lunch but quickly realized it was square/rectangele shape the sky had an overcast and seem to blend in with sky the top had shades of light gray bottom more dark like black no more than 25 30 feet in air i could have thrown baseball and hit it it moved at a 5 to 10mph like it was on a string i was frozen to move i could not understand what i saw so i just odserved and wrote it down directly after cause memories are usally not as clear each time there remembered once it moved out west bound almost out of visibillity i ran to neoghbors back yard and craft was to well blended in i could no longer visually c it i know fire is hot women drive u crazy and this was a flying craft maybe 6 to 8 feet long and 2 to 5ft in height and 4 to 6 feet across????????????????????????????????? u tell me and we both know,but we really know just …………………………………………..

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