UFO Sighting in Jackhorn, Kentucky on April 12th 2014 – Glowing object moving silently followed by jet.

I went outside my home to smoke a cigarrette. The hillsides are beginning to green out, and as I was absent mindedly scanning them, a seemingly out of place object in the sky above the mountain cauggt my attention. It was a bright oblong object flying silently towards the northeast. My initial thought was that the glow may have came from the rising sun, however, a jet was not far behind, seeming as if it were approaching the object at an angle, and it was not glowing at anytime. The glow was steady and unchanging, shiny and gold-like. The object left no contrail and was moving at a higher rate of speed than the jet. At least 2 other jets have went in the same direction in the following ten minutes, none of which appeared to have the same glow, all leaving contrails. As the object passed by, despite being silent, the neighborhood dogs began barking, and did so for a couple of minutes afterwards. I started to come inside and retrieve my phone in hopes to capture a video but it was moving too fast. I knew by the time I would have made it back outside, it would be gone. I watched the object until it flew out of sight beyond the tree line. Perhaps it was nothing unusual at all, but I felt compelled to report it. I did feel slightly uneasy and anxious during the viewing.

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