UFO Sighting in O'Fallon, Missouri on April 11th 2014 – At first I thought it was an aircraft on fire moving slowly about a half mile from my vanage point. No sound, controlled movement. Brightness made it difficult to make out shape.

Went to put dogs out for the night around 9:30 pm. As I looked up at night sky, I see what I thought at first was an aircraft. At first I thought it was on fire or one of it’s engines was on fire as it slowly flew along at around 1000 -1500 feet. It was orange-yellow in color. I tried to determine if it was a fixed-wing or rotary a/c, but it was neither. It made no sound. I’m former U.S. Air Force and in the aerospace business, so I know aircraft. It slowly headed west, then north, then slowly upward into the sky. I called my wife to come out to see it. I quickly ran inside and grabbed by iPhone to film it. The video is not very good but I did capture its movement for around 20-seconds. The event lasted around 10-minutes.

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