Black Triangle Sighting in New Hampshire on January 15th 2009 – 3 fixed lights traveling at high rate of speed at high altitude zig-zag across the sky

I have never had a UFO experience before or any paranormal or supernatural experiences but am quite intrigued by all the subjects and am fairly knowledgable compared to your average Joe. I’ll also add that my father is a retired Lt.Col. in the USAF and I grew up on/next to AirForce bases my whole life and am familiar with alot of the aircraft that we fly. Anyway my experience isn’t as dramatic as many out there and I don’thave any pictures/video to go with it or even other witnesses to back it up! Lol. I myself am quite skeptical of much of what is out there and it’s hard to believe one persons word. That being said, I’m a huge supporter of “the cause”- to get the government to divulge everything we the people have a right to know and believe that everyone should do their part to advance this agenda especially those who are fortunate enough to have an experience they believe to be extraterrestrial related. This experience happened to me about 5 yeaars ago in what I believe was January, I have a terrible time remembering when things happened as the years go on. I know it was around Christmas/New Years (a little after I believe) and was either 2008 or 2009. I worked at the Fox Run Mall in Newington NH . I ran the housekeeping department for the whole mall and at this mall we had two large outdoor signs, one at each of the main entrances as you drive in. The signs were roughly 20 feet tall and you can put whatever combination of the letters on them you want, hece any message. Lucky for me the job of changing the messages fell on me and it was done once a week, preferably Saturday night so Sunday would run the new message. Well it was about 1 am in the morning and thiswas my last job befor heading home. The mall closed at 9 with the doors lcking at 10 however it takes awhile to scrub the floors, clean the bathrooms,, etc. then see the other employees finish and start my signs. To put the letters on the sign you used a very long pole with a suction cup on the end that you would use to get the previous letters down then use the suction cup to pick up your new letter and put it up on the board where it would sit in these rims that lined the board. In order to do this you stand at the bottom and you have to lterally look straight up which is why I stated it took place at 90degrees from the horizon. So I had been out there for a half hour or so and was in the process of applying the new letters and looking straight up at the sign but also with the entire sky in my field of vision as well. It was then that I saw three lights enter my view that appeared to be fixed to each other in triangular formation as they did not variate in their positions on the triangle at all. The apparent “craft” was moving at a great velocity, much greater than say a fighter jet and traveled in an amazing zig-zag across the entire sky in the scope of maybe 2 seconds. It was unbelievable, the way the “craft” would go from one point then change direction in a 45 degree angle to another point then change direction then finally one more point where it again changed the direction in the blink of an eye and then out of sight. It made absolutely no sound and since it was so early in the morning(approx.1:30aam) the silence was even more apparent. Had a plane or jet or helicopter been at that distance you woulkd have heard it quite well. The whole experience ,although it happened quickly , was so unnatural and unlike anything I thought was even possible it literally scared me and I was 30 years old, not a little kid. I ran to my car where I monitered the sky for at least 15 -20 minutes , half expecting it to come back , before I returned to finish the job. I was quite shaken for the rest of the evening and finished fairly quickly after that. It was the single most amazing and uybelievable thing I have ever seen. If we have technology that can do that then we truly are centuries ahead of what we think we are capable of and I felt when I saw it that there was no way that it was of this earth and man-made. I know it’ s just another civilian sighting without a whole lot to back it up but I believe every piece gets us a little closer to knowing the truth and you guys are at the front lines of this fight and I admire you for it. Go MUFON!

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