UFO Sighting in Aiken, South Carolina on April 13th 2014 – Blue comet-like object flashes into ball and disappears.

Driving home from work just before 5 a.m. on US 1, Aiken/Augusta highway, there were no other cars around when I saw a cop-light blue Very large comet-like object flash across the sky in the lefthand corner of my windshield. My eye followed it as it moved left, and just as I looked directly at it, it flashed into a bright ball (same blue color) and entirely disappeared. I would have thought it was a comet, but it was Very large, and when it disappeared, not even the tail/trail was visible any longer. I was actually a bit frightened when I saw it, but now I wish someone else had seen it, or that it was on camera somehow.
I got home a few minutes later and stood in the driveway looking at the sky until the moon set but saw nothing unusual.

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