UFO Sighting in Rehoboth, Massachusetts on April 12th 2014 – A white "Egg" (oval) shape moved over two back yards

Daughter and I were taking a break from raking the yard and were sitting on the concrete stairs outside our door facing backyard. 2. my daughter noticed object first. I looked up, saw a Plane traveling one way and daughter pointed out the other object which was in a different location than the Plane itself. 3. When I noticed what she was pointing at, it looked like an “egg” with a straight line of travel, not bobbing or swaying. 4. The object moved in a straight line at a slow pace, was hard to focus on because of the bright day. It was an egg shaped object, white in color (not sure if it was glowing or if reflecting, but it was definitely white. It seemed to slow a little before slightly curving its course and staying straight after doing so, ascending upward and then not visible anymore. 5. We were both curious. 6. Lost sight of it from it moving upward until no longer could be seen. (note: It was not rising like a balloon would. It appeared to be ascending while traveling across the sky, slowly, with no swaying, no bobbing. The object appeared to be controlled)

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