UFO Sighting in Allen, Texas on September 17th 2013 – Stationary not moving look like star and it's was early for that

I always looking to the sky, at this time I was on my patio when I see the object and I try to do what people say and was so quick. First I take my binoculars to see the object it was like changing the colors that I mention blue,red,pink not shape blurred and to have a prove or something I bring my camera and when I try to focus the ufo the lenses where like I was summing back and fowar so I put the tripoid and drop my camera And I can’t take it I was frustrated the ufo stay for about ten minutes and gone.the problem it’s when you try to talk with somebody about it the only thing you get it’s ignoring you or loughs about you.
And another two different times I saw a 3 red lights like a triangle moving in circle no matter what turn make not loose the shape like tridimentional not noise moving to slow and high maybe when small planes pass. So I’m seen them must the times at nigth with my binoculars and I keep by my self not telling to anybody. If this help thank you. I’m sorry that I can prove physical evidence my camera it’s broke and I don’t have nigth vision lenses.

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