UFO Sighting in Guadalajara, Jalisco on February 11th 1972 – It just 'appeared" and was a huge sphere very close to all ten witnesses. Another sphere emerged from the big one and then merged. It then dissapeared in an instant.

My family (ten members in total including myself) and I were leaving my aunt’s house which stood atop a small hill in the countryside, after a late night dinner and get together. When going out to get our cars this enormous sphere appeared like when you turn a light on. It was very close to us at a height of about 100 ft more or less. It just stood in the air and was kind of pulsating. It had a whitish light. Sudenly another sphere emerged from the big one and stood by its side. No doors or anything were seen. It just emerged. I guess 10 minutes passed. We were all silent, astonished, in awe. Really, I didn’t notice what the rest of my family was doing. Afterwards, the second sphere merged into the huge one and dissapeared just like when a light goes out. We didn’t even talked about the incident for days. It changed my life. I have become obsessed with everything that has to do with UFOS, abductions and related issues. I guess that whatever this was, it was making a statement for us to be believers because prior to the sighting we had been talking about UFOS.All I can tell is that I am the only member of my family that still has that night’s experience deep within my soul. It changed me forever.

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