UFO Sighting in Simsbury, Connecticut on July 15th 2010 – My friend and I were having a bonfire in my backyard. Suddenly a florescent red disc shaped object appeared just above the trees, hovered for several minutes then disappeared.

Me and my best friend (to this day) were enjoying a few beers (we were pilfering them from my parents so we only had a few and WERE NOT drunk) over a bonfire in a field about 200-300 ft behind my house. We decided to go back to my house to grab a pack of cigarettes I forgot. We stood up when all of a sudden as if appearing from nowhere a bright fluorescent red disc (between 15-30ft in diameter approx) with 3 small strips of black which created 3 triangles of red (but it was clearly one object). The craft was directly over head from us just above the treeline. I want to say no more than 30 ft probably lower though. The craft was silent. I want to say that I probably said something like “what the f***!” at first but me and my friend stood in silence for what was probably around five minutes. The object just hovered there, unmoving. Then just as the craft had appeared it disapeared. My friend says he remembered the thing shooting off but I remember it seemed as though it disappeared as if it opened up a portal where it was hovering and disappeared into it. After it was gone we were both mentally and physically shaken. We ran back to my house pondered what we had seen. After that night we did not talk about it until the summer of 2013. The subject came up and as a way to prove to myself that I had seen a UFO I asked my friend what color the craft was. He said it was without a doubt a bright red. I got goosebumps when he said that. This confirmed my suspicions that had lingered since that night. I knew without a doubt we saw a UFO. Since then Ive become increasingly interested in researching UFO phenomenon however I have shared this expierience with probably 3 people because it is such an unbelievable tale to most but my friend and I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT what we saw.

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