UFO Sighting in Harleysville, Pennsylvania on March 25th 2014 – Saw Cloud trail that goes from narrow to wide and makes 90 degree turns

I was leaving the YMCA where I dropped of my daughter for day care. I drove off on schoolhouse lane towards work. At the intersection of Wambold and schoolhouse lane I was stopped at the light when I noticed the event.

I’m an avid aviation person and have been to many air shows throughout my life. I know what aircraft trails normally look like. I’m always scanning the skies looking at planes. It’s because of this habit that I notice this trial.

I was looking in the NE while stopped at a light and noticed that it looked like a plane trail that made 90 degree turn. It caught my attention as being very odd. So I have my iPhone on me mounted in my car so I used my iPhone 5 camera to snap a picture (that I’ve attached). The cloud trail stayed there while I drove to work and din’t move at all.

When I got to work I downloaded the picture to my computer and blew it up a bit. From my best analysis I can see trails for two different aircrafts. One seems normal, the second seems odd. It goes from narrow to wide, then narrow again. It then makes a 7 shape in the sky (which is what caught my attention). It’s weird on many levels. Wind doesn’t blow trails this way or as specific. So I’m stumped.

Having been to many air shows, and actually having a flight simulator built in my house, there is no known aircraft type that I’m aware of that can make turns like that.

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