UFO Sighting in Helendale, California on April 3rd 2014 – Saw glowing red object in sky overhead it dimmed in and out then turned into black orb

I walked out my front door to get my phone charger. I always look up at the sky to observe the stars at night when possible, as I did I noticed a red glowing orb it would dim then brighten. I watched it hover as it got closer. I tried to identify it, I looked for other lights and waited for a blue light to blink like a helicopter would, but i did not see that. when i noticed it was something I have never seen. I ran inside to gather my wife and my son and brother in-law. I jokingly ran inside and said “hey guys come out here you got to see this it’s a UFO” my wife ignored me, but my brother in-law and my son came out in a hurry. We all watched it pulsate slowly as it continued its path after a few moments the orb dimmed out to a black sphere and sat in place. it was very dark and hard to track but continued to move along it’s path slowly after that it was hard to see and we lost interest and went back inside.

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