UFO Sighting in North Adams, Michigan on October 11th 1998 – SCARY

I Was Standing in my trailor on a vacation to hillsdale CHERRY LANE NUDIST RESORT,
i was stargazing because its such a nice night there
a star or planet of some sort
it hovered above me for at least 30 mins before taking abord me and my dog lucy and ripped my poor dog to shreds when we was trying to defend me because he was always so protective and i just felt so weird it was so bright and silent, no sound at all and i couldnt see because the beaming lights were so bright and i awoken in a tube a great long clear tube although i couldnt see anything i felt a precense of observation and i was so cold, colder then any feeling i have ever had before and i could feel them observing everything i did before i fell into a weird coma like sleep and awoken in my trailer on the floor.

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