UFO Sighting in Simi Valley, California on April 14th 2014 – A glowing blue and red object moving very smoothly, turned dark red and circled,started west,reversed turned electric blue.circled opposite direction. Turned pure white and dropped straight down.

It was 10:00 approximately and I was walking to our communal mailbox.Our street is a dead- end with the box down by the end. As I was walking to the box my gaze was at the sky because it was the night of the “bloodmoon”. The eclipse didn’t look like it had quite begun yet. I looked to the south where the mailbox was in relation to me an saw a very bright blue and red object that really caught my attention. It was a circular seeming like a marble held at arms length. The lights were not strobeing like a plane and it moved very smoothly. Seemed very fast as well. As I watched the object stopped,hovered,turned a kind of burning deep red and circled in the air,hesitated a moment headed west,reversed,hovered in same spot,turned electric blue,circled the opposite direction. Then it hovered a moment turned bright white and dropped straight down. Not like falling though,very quickly dropped. At that time it was out of my sight and I did not see it again.I probably stood there with my mouth hanging open longer than the sighting took. I guess I thought it was a U.F.O. right away,in the sense that I knew it was not a helicopter or light plane. I felt kind of agitated and kept going out to the street to see if it could be spotted again . My wife suggested I Google to see if anyone besides me saw it. She did not nor as far as I can tell did anyone else.

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