Ufology is Dead

I’ve been struggling with a decision for some time now, which has to do with my belief in Ufology.
Let me give you some background information.

A couple of years ago I posted a thread on this very forum titled something like, “Aliens Do Not Visit Earth”.
Basically in the thread, I had said that I do not believe alien beings are visiting earth due to the lack of irrefutable evidence. Also, I believe I had mentioned the large amount of hoaxers who are involved in the “UFO community”.

Even though I had pretty much come to this conclusion, I still kept my mind open and wanted to study the subject in the hopes that some day decent evidence would come to light and I would be proved wrong. I even joined MUFON and kept reading the tons of literature on the subject, always searching for that piece of information that would bring me back into the fold. It was nowhere to be found, possibly because it isn’t to be found.
Along with all of this, I kept my faith that there was a smidgeon of truth to the Ancient Alien theory; but it was only faith, not truth. I now realize that I was naive in my belief of that particular idea as well.

I always wanted to defend Ufology on this forum. Even though I had said that I didn’t believe in alien visitation, I always maintained that I wanted to see Ufology “be the study it could be”. I believe I was wrong on that account as well. Unfortunately, Ufology will never be anything more than a business to sell books, DVDs, and tickets to UFO “symposiums”.

So I suppose the purpose of this thread is to “come out of the closet”, so to speak.
I’ve decided that the time has come to eschew the last of these beliefs and succumb to my rational mind. I’ve known for some time that the belief in Ufology was silly, to say the least, but something kept me into it. Perhaps it was the fact that I had spent years studying the subject (mainly as a hobby) and found it hard to do away with something that had held my interest for so long. I can see where a person who has held a certain belief for a long period of time may find it hard to do away with that said belief, it has become part of that individuals life and that is always a hard thing to let go.

Anyway, I’m announcing that I’m picking up the label of debunker and will carry it proudly.
Comfortablynumb was right in another thread, where he stated that the term debunker has been hijacked by the believers for use as a ad hominem attack, mostly by people who don’t know what the term means.

The skeptical and freethinker communities have been the only groups who have shed any real light on this phenomenon, in my opinion.

So to recap, I don’t believe aliens are visiting earth, Ufology is a business, and ancient aliens didn’t create life on earth.

I still fully intend to participate in this forum, especially considering there is no rule which says that you must be of a particular belief to join. So don’t take this thread and post as a “goodbye” thread. Personally, I’ve never liked those sort of discussions.

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