UFO Sighting in London, on February 16th 2014 – Changed my reality and everyone should be aware of the truth that actually exists

I was sitting by the window at my friends place in central London looking up at the sky before a flight I had early the next morning. While I was looking up I saw a bright star and was only joking with my friend telling her it was a UFO because I have always believed that the universe is infinite and we are definetely not alone. My friend didn’t believe me at first but then the light started reflecting this radiating white aura of some sort. We kept watching and shorttly after that we watched about 6 other small orbs slowly drop down and the clouds retained the objects pulsating light. We kept watching for another hour to see what they actually were and then countless more came down in the same manner. After that we realized that the objects were in a structular pattern of some sort. What really made me believe was when a couple of them started moving, and they were fasted objects i have ever seen moving in the sky and what was strange is that the object could change its direction by around 5 degrees or so in the sky.

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