UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on April 12th 2014 – What's that above the trees, is it a planet, the moon?

I was driving home when I see this guy standing in the corner of the street looking up towards the sun, it’s a beautiful day in Miami, clear blue skies. This guy is looking up and trying to take a picture. I, Ms.Curious, was about to make a right turn but when I saw him looking up so intently I quickly stopped, grabbed my cell pointed towards the sun and snapped a pic but I actually and accidentally took 2 pictures back to back. I kept driving because truthfully I did not see anything because the sun was blinding as you can imagine. I completely forgot about the pictures until Sunday night and that’s when I saw it, is it a planet, the moon? Pardon my ignorance by the way…I would really like to know what it is. It looks like an orb/sphere and the light around it? and there’s a difference in distance of it from the tree from one pic to the next.

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