UFO Sighting in Sharpsburg, Georgia on July 10th 2012 – All craft moving in same direction west to east but a different parallel like a scan.

6 p.m. daylight sighting. all going same path but different parallels. first object going west to east but behind my position. second object west to east also same direction but behind my position coming closer to be directly above head. Third object saw it coming and this one was in the path of my present position I had to run about 200 feet for it to come directly above my head. when it came directly above my head I realized it was much smaller and much closer than I had guessed from the previous two. Very clear sighting of a silver or chrome pyramid with rounded points and no entrance or exit visible smooth all over it was slowly spinning and moving in a straight path. Then there was a fourth but to far in front of me to identify it’s shape. Then a fifth and sixth which traveled together. Feelings thought it was just not identifiable. When overhead I couldn’t move or take my eyes off of it identifiable for 20 seconds and I yelled loudly for others to come, but wasn’t about to leave my position or take my eyes off it.

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