UFO Sighting in West End, North Carolina on April 16th 2014 – Seen ufo several times. Cross shapped with white lights that pulse. Disappears around dawn

Was at my house with my parents visiting. They told me to come upstairs where they were sleeping to view this weird object. I set in the bed looked out the window which faces east and saw a bright object. I grabbed my binoculars and looked at the time. It was 0530. Looking through the binoculars through the trees I saw a cross shapped object that had a central light with three lights in each direction to form a cross. These lights would pulsate at times. The object didnt seem to move and thought perhaps it was astronomic in nature, but could not explain the formation or pulsating lights. My parents said it shows up around 0530 and goes away around day break. Saw this object again this morning and wanted to report it. This object was in the direction of Fort Bragg, but didnt think it was a black project craft due to its cross shaped design. At times it seemed to get smaller but unsure as to whether that meant the object was moving or not.

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