Alien Encounter in Waterloo, on August 7th 2011 – Small grey entity at bottom of my bed on my wifes side.

I always remember as a very small boy aged 4 or 5 only feeling safe at night if I was under my covers in bed wrapped up really tightly and I would imagine myself being inside a spaceship which would feel very safe and secure. I would also often dream of floating above my neighbourhood and looking down on the houses below. I had these experiences up till I was about 8.
An incident happened when I was 8 in a bedroom I shared with my 2 older sisters. One of my sisters woke and saw a tall woman with really blond hair standing at the foot of my bed. My sister was really afraid and went to scream but the woman just looked at her and she said she couldn’t move or make a noise and either passed out or fell asleep. The same night my oldest sister who would have been about 17 woke and saw the same woman who said to me while I slept “Come on Roy its time to go now.” At this point both my sisters were awake and started to scream. Apparently the blonde woman swung around and looked really shocked that the girls had seen her and she just disappeared. My sisters have religiously stood by this event for 45 years. I have no memory of the event. In the same house my father woke to see different coloured lights in my parents room and was that scared he grabbed my mum and wouldn’t let her turn round. He would never talk in depth about that experience but was a great believer that life existed in another dimension.
The most recent event I experienced was in July 2011 when I woke and saw this small being at the bottom of my bed. It looked like a gray, about 4 ft tall black almond eyes a small nose and a slit for a mouth. It had spindly arms and I could only see it to just past its shoulders because of where it was standing closer to my wife’s side. I was not surprised to see it nor did I panic. I felt this was a normal event and was very calm. I sat up and focused on the gray which seemed to have 2 small an tenors on its head. He looked at me didn’t move his mouth but I felt him say to me. “Its ok just lie down and go back to sleep, your not supposed to see this. Everthing is alright.” I laid down and closed my eyes and went back to sleep.
I have no idea why I was so calm and did as I was asked.
My wife doesn’t like me to talk about it and maybe thinks I was dreaming. I am absolutely sure I wasn’t.

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