Black Triangle Sighting in auburn, New York on September 30th 1965 – could see triangle shape because lights & size because it blacked out between lights

I was 10 years old. We were playing hide & seek at our summer house on the east side of Owasco Lake. I looked up the hill and saw what appeared to be a triangle moving slowly in a southerly direction on the east side of the lake. I only knew it was huge because the body of the object blocked out the trees and field it was above. I only could tell it was triangular because 2 sides had lights. The lights were on the left and right side towards the point or top of the triangle with the back or 3rd side had no apparent lights. There was no sound, not even the normal night noises it became completely silent. But I felt rather than heard a low very low sound but I felt it inside of myself. The object did not change direction it did not slow down or speed up, just moved toward the south at a controlled somewhat slow speed. It finally moved out of my line of sight. The feelings I had told me that it was something that was not within the realm of things I could describe that might be in the air and I somehow knew it was a once in a lifetime event. Of course I knew no one would believe me so I only told my dad. He left me a feeling of I was seeing things but i knew I wasn’t

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