Thoughts on how UFOs are powered?

I have always found it interesting that pretty much every single UFO story talks about the object making no noise at all. That to me suggests that it must be powerred using magnetism. I just can’t think of anything else that makes no noise. Considering they are able to change direction and fly at thousands of miles per hour and inertia isn’t an issue, well it just seems impossible to do using conventional propulsion fuel. Perhaps the magnetism dampens inertia or something. I recall one man who was a very private person, Edward Leedskalnin, who built Coral Castle completely on his own using nothing more than a basic winch. Some of the stones weighed several tons. He never revealed his secrets to anyone, although some teenagers witnessed him moving stones “like helium balloons”. He is also believed to have said “he knew the secrets of the Egyptians”. Perhaps he knew the secrets of magnetism, perhaps not. It’s just an intriguing story.

The Incredible Mystery Of Coral Castle

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