UFO Sighting in Saint Stephen, New Brunswick on April 17th 2014 – was loud,huge like a giant boomerang or V shape

me,my wife and my son were all watching tv.we heard what sounded like a jet going by.It kept getting louder and louder,so we went out to see what it was.We all saw a giant aircraft of some sort that was a giant boomerang or V shape.It was really loud and the lights on it were doing wierd patterns that i can’t explain on here…I can only show you.At first we thought it was a jet crashing or a giant meteor,until we went and looked.It was going from south to north and moved pretty slow until it went out of sight.We saw it for at least a minute.This all happened in southern new brunswick april 17 2014 at approx.9:30 pm.I posted online and asked if anyone else heard or saw anything and got a number of replies from different locations in town.Everyone heard it but never went outside and looked.I’m sure glad we did.

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