UFO Sighting in Trenton, Florida on May 10th 2011 – Three objects flew in from different directions and then hovered for 7 to 8 mins before disappearing

My son and I were walking home in the afternoon. We saw an object that appeared to be oval or spherical flying in from the north. I told my son to run home and get his video camera. When he returned two additional objects were observed flying in, one from the east, and the other from the south. They converged and hovered for approximately 7 to 8 minutes before flying off in different directions.

There was minimal clouds and the objects were clearly visible. There were no wings, or signs of propulsion. They were completely silent. The video was taken by my son, and he was obviously excited. Also in the video a black spec can be seen which we later found to be a spec of dirt on the lens.

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