Black Triangle Sighting in Kennewick, Washington on March 7th 2014 – Large, high altitude, dark, almost transparent triangular/boomerang shape completely silent that split into two identical vessels, side by side, and merged back into one.

I have spent countless hours star gazing from my hot tub hoping to see shooting stars. It was between 1:45-2:15 am. I was facing south on a clear night with no moon, looking to the southeast when a very large, high altitude vessel blocked my view of the stars. If I had not been looking where I was, I don���t think I would have seen it. It was dark, no visible lights and almost seemed transparent or as if it was reflecting the starlight, almost invisible. It was a large, triangular/boomerang shape that had rounded corners and the back was indented (not a typical straight lined triangle, but not a typical boomerang either). It was completely silent and was moving faster than the high altitude planes I see all the time. It passed just slightly to the east of me, moving south to north. When it was to the northeast of me, it split into two identical vessels, side by side, and within seconds merged back into one. At that point, I snapped out of my stunned state, went into the house, turned off every light, locked every door and window, and was very freaked out. My husband was an industrial accident investigator who has been able to question me and help me write down the facts of my sighting. When he first was questioning me, to estimate how big it was, he had me hold my arms in front of me straight in the air to measure the distance between my hands, I had my hands 3 feet apart. After we went outside that night to get a better perspective, I realized it was more the size of having my arms outreached and my hands one foot apart, still a very large vessel. I have spent weeks going over this in my head and discussing it with my husband and family. The first shooting star I saw after the sighting, I almost jumped out if my skin. I know what I saw was amazing and I am going to keep looking.

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