UFO Sighting in Columbus, Ohio on April 16th 2014 – object appeared to be a black airplance contrail but quickly changed direction

Wednesday 4/15/14 I was on an American Airlines flight from Columbus, OH to Charlotte, NC. The flight took off at approximately 7:10am. I was in seat 12F, a window seat on the right side of the plane. It was early so the moon was still out even though it was a bright sunny morning. It was a bright, white, full moon. At approximately 7:23 I noticed what I assumed to be a contrail from a plane. The trail was very noticeable because it was black and it was directly in front of the very white moon with blue skies and a few white clouds. My immediate thought was what plane leaves a black trail. As I continued to look at the streak I noticed that it appeared to be moving in relation to the clouds below it. I fly regularly for my job and always choose a window seat. I’m used to observing other planes but this caught my attention and I continued to observe it. Originally the streak was perfectly level and the same height as the plane. As I observed, the streak began to angle at approximately 5-10%. It was then that I realized that it wasn’t a streak and could possibly be a plane. All of the sudden the front end of the streak pointed straight down in what appeared to be a nose dive. It pointed directly down for about 1-2 seconds before it made an upside down U-turn and headed directly back in the direction that it had been traveling and went into the cloud below it. There is absolutely no way that a traditional airplane could make that tight of a turn. I watched as long as I could but it never came out of the cloud.

I was purposely the last person to get off of the plane so that I could ask the pilot if they saw it. The pilot had already left the plane but the copilot who was also on the right side of the plane said that he did not see it but wishes that he had. From the front of the plane I believe that they could only see a black streak and were not able to see the streak take a nose dive or reverse direction. The copilot did mention that we flew over Wright Patterson AFB but I can’t imagine a military plane being that close to a commercial aircraft and attempting an upside u-turn maneuver even if they could make a tight turn like that.

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