UFO Sighting in Dalton, New Hampshire on April 18th 2014 – Saw something far away, moving, up and down, floating (?) high in blue sky.

Was with my daughter getting into her car. It was 9:32 am. Sky was blue with few clouds. Looked to the east and saw something small moving across the sky, seemed to be following the Connecticut River, but not sure. My daughter saw also. I got binoculars and found it in the sky, it looked like four or five yellow globes or balloon like objects and something was hanging down from the object, whitish. Took a few picture of it. Did not see basket underneath it if it was a hot air balloon which at first I thought it might be. There was no fire going up to globe shapes. A white thing hanging down. It was moving across the eastern sky, very high up and moving north. I was excited and posted on facebook later on. Went and checked out images of drones and it didn’t seem to fit at all. Went to images of wether balloons and it did not look like that at all. It floated (?) off out of sight.

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