UFO Sighting in Fort Pierce, Florida on July 30th 2009 – While driving from Disney World to Ft Lauderdale I observed a large green pulsating ball descend below the tree lines.

In July of 2009 my wife and I were coming back from a short three day vacation at Disney World. There is a stretch of road called SR91 which is between St Cloud and Ft Pierce the road is lined with trees and the ground is mostly tall grassy wetlands.

While at the midway point my wife had her head down looking at the pictures on the camera which we had taken at Disneyworld. Out of the corner of my right eye on the west side of the road I noticed a green glowing ball. I tried to get my wife’s attention but I could not get the words to form. The glowing sphere was right above the treeline and it appeared to move slowly. I noticed the line of cars ahead of me were also slamming on their brakes. I can only describe the green color as some sort of highlighter radioactive green.

I stopped the car and watched it through the front windshield. It slowly descended below the tree line which was approximately 100 feet off the ground. I was traveling at 65 mph at the time and I was passing the vehicle. When I slowed to 20-30mph I was traveling at about the same speed. The Sphere appeared to be about 30 feet by 30 feet. There was no exhaust, smoke or heat signature coming from the sphere. I was approximately 150 ft from the treeline. I began to get out of my car expecting to see a crash or a ball of fire but nothing happened. I then had an overwhelming feeling that everything was normal and I was suddenly driving down the road. I don’t recall starting the car or driving. I asked my wife what she saw and she said she saw nothing. I would like to know what I saw. Is this a naturally occurring phenomena? I worked for 8 years as a commercial pilot afterwhich I got a job as a Law Enforcement Officer.

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