UFO Sighting in Missouri on April 16th 2014 – Extreme bright light above tree top stationary.

It was roughly 9:30 pm when I went to our back door to let the dogs in. Upon opening door one dog came in and the other still in yard. I stood there waiting as I usually do on her. I looked upward into sky above tree line facing northward and saw a very, very bright white light. It was not moving at all. I looked at it a minute or so then turned my eyes away for just a few seconds and looked back and it was gone. I went out on deck and looked in all directions and it was gone…..Had it been plane or helicopter I would have seen it moving in a flight direction. I only took my eyes off of it for maybe 10 seconds or so. My 1st thought when I saw it was wow that is one bright light. It appeared to be like looking at a star or plant way out into space. Had the appearance of that as it was solid white with maybe the edges kind of fading or hazy. It could not have been a star or plant as it was a huge bright light so I could tell it was very close above ground under where you would see clouds. If I was to take my arm and extend out and upward with a closed fist, I could probably see the edges I would say. That tells me it was extremely close. It was not round or any particular shape on your questions, it was more like a star shape narrow at the top and wider at bottom, almost triangle but not quite. First thought was omg that is bright and close. After looking away and it was gone, was again omg where did it go. I did not see it anywhere in the sky, it was just there stationary above tree line then 10 or sec after looking away then back it was gone.

I made a report back in 2013 of something 3 of us witnessed in apprx 2011 of orbs in triangle shapes in case #51149 log US-09282013-0016. Three whitish orbs north and same 3 orbs to the northwest and 1 single orb to the east.

Thank you for having a site allowing people to report things.

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