UFO Sighting in Briercliffe, on August 3rd 2003 – Disc That Slowly Travelled Into Distance

I witnessed an apparent disc shaped object with around four or five yellowy golden light cylindrical lights on the bottom of the object with gaps in between them, almost as if you had five rectangles, and had curved them slightly to the edges of the disc on the bottom. I could not tell an exact distance but it was probably under a mile away, and then over a period of around five minutes got smaller and smaller as it moved off into the distance. I had a friend with me at the time who could not identify the nature of the craft also, and it was a very clear night when witnessed. It is the only disc shaped flying object I have ever personally witnessed, but one I will never forget.
I was at my friends house who lived around 5 house higher than me on my street at the time. The disc as it moved off eventually reached the horizon/hills in the distance and we eventually lost sight. I was a believer before the event that we are not alone in the universe, but I do not claim to have seen a spaceship piloted by aliens, purely a flying object that I could not identify with and something I can still not explain today.

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