UFO Sighting in Killeen, Texas on August 10th 2013 – I was looking at a cloud formation and didn't. See the object till later

I had just gotten off work at 4pm . It took me 10 minutes to get home . I was getting out of my car when I looked up and notice how pretty the clouds looked with the sun shinning up thru the clouds , so I pulled out my iPod touch and took a few pics . Later when I was showing the pics to my wife , she pointed out a glowing object . I then took a look at the pics and in three of them there appears to be an object and in the forth pic you can see the object fading away . I did send the pics to a local news station and they did post them but didn’t say anything about the object over Ft Hood . I talked Stanton Friedman about these pics and he suggested I send them to you .

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