UFO Sighting in Ohio on April 20th 2014 – Saw an object when I reviewed pics I had taken of a plane making chem trails.

I was outside looking at the sky watching an aircraft making chem trails. There was a huge cross of chem trails, along with other chem trails. The aircraft was making a second pass over one chem trail that was part of the cross. I had already taken one photo with my cell phone but because it was so bright outside, I wasn’t sure what I was taking a picture of. I took some more pictures to make sure I was getting pictures of the aircraft and chem trails. When I went inside to look at my photos, that is when I saw what I consider a UFO. I can’t tell what the object is. It is located in the upper left corner of the photo. I noticed it when I sent the photo to my computer to get a better look at pics I took. I am sending 5 pics because I can’t remember which one it is on and I can only see it when I enlarge the pic.

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