Pilot snaps UFO photo in Queensland

A 30-year veteran commercial pilot observed a mysterious aerial object above the residential community of Caloundra in Queensland, Australia on Friday, April 18.

(Credit: Google)

(Credit: Google)

According to local newspaper Sunshine Coast Daily, the witness and his friends were admiring the sky at approximately 8:00 p.m. when they noticed two aerial lights. Based on their appearance and behavior, the pilot believed these lights were sky lanterns. But then a third light appeared in the sky. The witness describes this light as having a warm-orange glow. Rather than drifting like a typical sky lantern, this object suddenly changed direction and disappeared.

The witness managed to photograph the mysterious object. After transferring the photos to his computer, he was able to zoom in on the unusual light, and he was shocked by what he saw. As the Sunshine Coast Daily describes, zooming in on the photo reveals what appear to be “wing tips and the slight outline of an aircraft body.”

There were reportedly airplanes and helicopters in the sky that night, but, according to the witness, none of these craft flew in the same flight pattern as the unidentified object. He acknowledges that what he and his friends witnessed could have been a military operation, but he thinks the likelihood of that is small.

UFO over Caloundra. (Credit: Sunshine Coast Daily)

UFO over Caloundra. (Credit: Sunshine Coast Daily)

He explains to the Sunshine Coast Daily, “I have heard of and seen many, many things in my career and have flown all over the world . . . but nothing like this.” This pilot describes himself as the world’s greatest skeptic. But after witnessing this unidentified craft, he is left questioning what he believes. He explains, “I think it is fascinating and if there is some credibility to it . . . it has changed my mind that there could be something else out there.”

This veteran pilot asked to remain anonymous after reporting his sighting. This is common among pilots who know that speaking about UFOs can make them appear crazy and unfit for duty. Many pilots who witness UFOs never come forward because of this fear of losing their jobs.

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