UFO Sighting in south colton, New York on August 7th 1997 – huge chrome sphere watching logging operation

I was working for a logging company in upstate NY. I brought my piece of logging equipment out to our landing to clean and refuel the machine for the next day.when I was done my duties I climbed into my pickup truck pulled it out into the open to watch my coworkers finish loading the last load of the day.as I look skyward there was a HUGE Chrome sphere hovering just above the trees around 100 yards away.it was 5 p.m. Skies were clear and this was a perfectly round object that looked like huge ball bearing or the ball from a pinball machine …but if it was too land say…on a football field it would fill the stadium from sideline to sideline and end zone to end zone.the forest was reflecting off the base and the few clouds were reflecting off the top it didn’t move at all …it just seemed to be watching the wood chipper and a loader work.everyone was so busy I could not get their attention to see it for themselves then I got scared and hopped back into my pickup looked upward and the object flew away and disappeared in a split second it was five minutes after 5.

few days later I heard that Swissair flight 127 reported seeing a UFO fly by them a few minutes later on the same day as my sighting dot dot dotmaybe it was the same object…it seems to be heading south east which would put it in the proximity of the pilots sighting.

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