Black Triangle Sighting in Denham Springs, Louisiana on April 21st 2014 – My 2 daughters yelled for me to come outside and we witnessed the craft hover the pass over our house changing cord and appearing to shape shift!

My daughters called me outside and I saw a large object very bright 100-200 feet above us. It hovered, flew like an octagon pattern , hovered then flew over us. The lights changed from white to red to blue. It appeared to change shapes a few times! We were afraid but in awe! When it flew over us I heard a whir noise and saw red V shaped lights under it! We saw a few more afterward but in the distance. I posted photos on fb and one of my friends and her family saw it as well. It was NOT a plane or helicopter and definitely not a meteor. My daughter saw the same thing about a week ago! The photos were emailed from my daughters phone and I can’t post them. I will email them to you when you contact me!

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