UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on April 22nd 2013 – while driving near Orlando Florida saw cigar shaped ufo in shy to the east

subject was driving on a highway outside Orlando Florida,when he first saw a cigar shaped UFO in sky as far up as a commercial airliner he pulled over and watched it go by
it caught his eye because it was shining very brightly like the sun yellow and orange he could see no separate lights on it it was so bright

the next day subject saw two more cigar shaped UFOs
they were at the altitude that a Cessna airplane would fly
one cigar shaped UFO was hovering over a field and the other was hovering in clouds and peeking out every so often
subject looked away for a second and both had disappeared
Subject said he used to live in Las Vegas and saw a lot of planes and what he saw was not a plane
He was very excited and happy to see the UFOs
Subject will be moving to Kansas soon

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