UFO Sighting in Magee, Mississippi on April 23rd 2014 – The event had a purpose, maybe a portal possibly

On Wednesday April 23, 2014 at or around 10:06 pm I went outside to have a smoke. Naturally in my neck of the woods the stars shine bright so its second nature to take a look at the heavens. Well due south from my front porch and roughly half way up the visible sky I noticed a really bright star. It drew my attention in. I was astonished at its color of a reddish/orange. It was the brightest “star” in the sky. I called my wife outside and pointed it out and she immediately said it was a satellite or a planet. As we focused on it we noticed lights coming out of it in the shape of a jellyfishes tenticles. At this point I felt like I was seeing things and panicked a little. I rubbed my eyes and focused in on it and the “tenticles” we growing out from the orb on all sides. Sometimes just one and the most I counted was 9. The extended and retracted. As my attention was fixed on this orb I ran inside and got a blanket and a pillow to lay down and observe to see if the object was mobile. It stayed stationary most of the time and drifted to the south west like the rest of the stars but it had fits of quick movements side to side and up and down. After the fit it would return to its stationary like position. The more I observed I started to notice faint dim objects that seemed to fall from the bottom of it, as well as faint objects returning in the direction of the orb. The returning orbs seemed as if the “tentacles” the main “star” displayed attracted them. As if it was it’s way or direction back in. There would be a small bright flash on some of the returning orbs once they came in contact with the “tenticales” . I observed these objects for over. 4 hours and notice it dimmed like it wa gonna disappear and it would brighten back up and the “tentacles” would come back alive. I called many of my friends from all over and they could see it as well. There were also so “flyby” objects that from time to time would appear and show signs of travel toward it or away from it but those never came in contact with the “tentacles”. I have some pictures but the clarity is not that good on a iPhone but onced zoomed in you can see the startin of the tentacles as well as one picture showed a pretty good single one.

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