UFO Sighting in Mount Enterprise, Texas on April 5th 2014 – Cloaked UFO seen in night sky of East Texas

There is a VERY similar story in your files which occurred in Ohio on April 10th, 2014. It matches our experience exactly.

While in our new hot tub in the back yard of our house, my husband and I both witnessed what appeared to be a triangular or diamond shaped object in the sky. Well, that is the shape I saw, but I am only basing that on how the sky/stars were distorted around it because it seemed to be cloaked. It was moving very fast and my husband thought it was a falling star or meteor that had broken apart, hence more than one light. I, however, believed it to be a UFO because the lights did not burn out nor did they separate from each other. I even mentioned to him that I thought it was a UFO with an invisibility cloak. I could detect the faintest outline of it. The lights were a dim white color, and there were 4 total – one at the front, one on each tip of “wing,” and another in the back.

It caught our attention and we looked to the east from where it appeared and watched it fly overhead towards the west. We observed it for around 5 seconds. My husband thought it was neat” but then again, he didn’t think it was a UFO. I however felt a little scared because in my heart, I knew it was not a falling star.

Our house and trees prevented us from observing it further than we did.

AND, just this past Tuesday, April 22, my husband witnessed the same exact object again while in the hottub. He said it looked exactly the same as last time, with the same path, and he now believes as I do that it is a UFO.

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