UFO Sighting in Starkville, Mississippi on April 23rd 2014 – An appearance of a star-like light that moved both horizontally and vertically above the campus of Mississippi State University and dematerialized and reappeared three times within a 15 minute period of time.

At approximately 7:45 PM Central Time I was with a friend on the Mississippi State University campus talking beside her car in the Commuter East parking lot. I was facing North when I noticed a star-like light appear over the campus and I pointed it out to her. We both were looking at the “star” when it began moving horizontally East and also appeared to be brightening as it moved. She suggested it was an airplane, but we both realized that there were two actual airplanes in the sky, one below the “star” and another to the far West, both airplanes were leaving a trail of airstream behind them, unlike the “star.” The star-like light grew incredibly bright and seemed to pulsate for a moment and then disappeared very suddenly. Within a minute or two it reappeared significantly higher in the sky from where it disappeared and began moving vertically down in the sky (falling almost “leaf-like”) and it was growing dim and then brightening again. At a certain point the second “star” light stopped moving and hovered in the sky. It grew very bright and then a kind of light ejected from the Eastern side of the “star” almost like an aura or a flash of light–maybe like a small explosion? I’m not sure what it was, but it was disorienting. The parking lot light above us immediately went out and I commented that that was a very strange coincidence. The light then faded completely and we began talking again. Within three to five minutes after the disappearance of the second light, a third “star” appeared in the sky, much to the East of the last one, and was moving horizontally in the sky in the direction of the spot of the last light’s disappearance. This one was significantly less-bright than the other two and it moved faster. It disappeared relatively quickly. We waited approximately ten minutes to see if there would be any more lights but we did not see any more “activity.” On my drive back home to Weir, MS (roughly a 40 minute commute) I kept experiencing the sensation of bright lights coming through my car windows, but they weren’t headlights or moon light, and it was actually very terrifying. I left campus with a half tank of gas and when I arrived home the gas tank was completely empty. I have no idea why the ride home was so strange or how I lost so much gas. The whole night is an enigma to me.

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