Alien Encounter in Wallingford, Connecticut on June 15th 2005 – I just don't know.

I am only doing this to find out if anyone has ever had a similar experience. I still believe it was a dream most likely but I will say this, it was the most real dream I have ever had in my entire life. To the point I still struggle with the question of was it a dream or not.

It was a warm spring night. It was between 12.30 AM and 1:30AM I was waiting for a call from a friend I met online. I was in fact bored and tired of waiting so I laid straight back on my bed. Legs over the side because I wanted to be able to hop right up and get the call.

Next thing I remember was my window rattling which startled me but I sat right up. It’s like I knew because in my head I heard come to the door, you will not be harmed. The funny part is I can control my dreams and if it happened in a dream I wouldn’t go to that door without a bazooka. But I did go, willingly. I remember getting up, walking out my door and down the hallway to the dining room where I turned to face the dining room door that leads to the deck.

At this point I heard in my head, come to the door. I felt very apprehensive here and hesitated so the voice said come to the door you won’t be harmed. So I walked to the door. At this point I heard unlock the door. Well I hesitated and looked to my left a bit and up just a little. I’m 4 ft 10 and disabled. I’d put this creature at 5ft. Anyway, I saw something looking at me. With your typical large black eyes that seem to be able to somehow penetrate you. I looked back to the door and heard unlock the door, you won’t be harmed again. I reached for the lock but stopped and said fine but I remember everything. You don’t take my memories, you let me remember. I didn’t hear a no or yes, just come out but I felt like he understood me. So I unlocked the door and went out.

Once out, we started across the deck but 3 feet and I stopped and looked at the being. It was about 5 ft, large black eyes with large head, skinny body but he thing that struck me at the time was the grayish WHITE body. It wasn’t the typical gray I’d always read about. Anyway, I asked if I could touch him. So he held out his arm, very thin. My bones are thin and his arm may have been more thin than even mine. I also noted it had arm hair like us but that unlike human hair that is soft and lays flat, it had very stiff hair that stood straight up. It’s skin was smooth but sort of bumpy, like a lizards might feel like? It didn’t look like a lizard though. It had feet, legs, arms and hands. I think it had only 4 fingers but I don’t remember.

So we started walking again, this time it rested his hand on my arm but I felt like it was more to assert more control. Maybe to avoid more delays who knows. We walked to the end od the deck ramp then down a grassy slope off to the right. At the bottom I looked up and saw the outline of a very dark craft that I only aw because the moon which was mostly behind clouds barely lit up an outline of the craft. It was not the typical triangle I’d read about either. It had 3 lights. One toward each side and one in the center. I only remember the one in the center which was blue, pulsating a bit. A blue beam, a crystalline clear blue beam came down about 3 ft around. I noted that it didn’t glow or radiate light outward like well, any normal light might. Instead it seemed to cut through the night. I heard a voice say step in the center. I did and then heard just as I was thinking how cool the light was, don’t touch the light and keep your hands at your sides.

Then I went up. It got fuzzy there quick. I remember turning to see the same being standing to the left of a chair and behind him a screen. I saw my home, then in a flash, the Earth. I then looked to my right and saw to the far right, the wall which looked like a liquid silvery material, essentially melt away from right to left, revealing an examination room. Trust me I’ve been in a ton of hospitals I know what they look like. From there I started walking toward it not remotely afraid. I’ve been experimented on my whole life by human doctors LOL I really didn’t care. The next thing I know I was waking up in my bed, laying flat, covers over me and it was 3.30 AM.

I’m certain it was a dream but some nagging question like why do I remember this dream so clearly. Why do I remember walking barefoot down the hall and outside. More odd why was that literally the only dream I have ever had where I could even see my feet or feel my legs and why do I remember using my cane when in my entire life, I have never had a dream where I used a cane, ever.

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