UFO Sighting in Corralitos, California on January 2nd 2014 – roaring comet that exploded into pink, violet & utra voilet light with a bean of light coming out of the tip making a right angle

During a January meteor shower i was laying out side with my boyfriend watching the night sky. We live out in the wooded country like area. We were out side for a few hours and about to retire for the night when i asked him to stay outside with me for just a few more minutes. we were south facing, but looking south west when we heard this roaring “swwwoooshh” coming from the south east. at first it just appeared to be the biggest meteor we’ve ever seen. it illuminated our entire house enough to cast shadows on the ground!. it was as if someone turned a spot light on us! it seemed to be closer to us rather than the other meteors that we had been watching fly by in the outer atmosphere. This “meteor” and its tail took up the entire sky from east to west and it was extremely loud and startling and felt like it was “right over our heads!’. an ultra violet tube like beam came out of the tip of the meteor going straight “up” and to the “right” making what appeared to be a perfect right angle (an upside down “L” shape). As this beam shot up and out of the meteor making this right angle it then began to make what looked like 3 explosions (no sound) of light, the first being white/ultra violet, then light pink, then lavender and it was gone. it looked like it imploded into itself, or as if someone suck it up through a straw until every drop of its illuminating light dissipated. it completely disappeared out of the sky. it lasted probably no longer than 30 seconds, perhaps even 20. we weren’t counting. this event that we saw was quick, although it has burned an impression into our minds. like a tiny video playing over and over again. Its been a few months now and i still have not come across anything like this in my research. other than ONE snippet of information i heard recently while listening to a Carol Romaine podcast with Dan Willis as her guest. Dan quickly mentions being at a conference and meeting an 80 year old woman who described seeing exactly what i saw in her back yard, only she would see these “things” repeatedly. Dan apparently went to her house and witnessed one of these experiences with her! Dan concludes that statement with a chuckle and states “..but thats a whole other story!” then moves onto other topics of UFOs. I emailed him through facebook, but have not heard back, yet. I am still trying to figure out what that beam of light was and why or how or what made that beautiful tye-dye..firework-like..triple explosion of pastel colored lights in the sky above us. in my opinion, this was much more than just an exploding meteor. to answer question 5: ….at first i was in awe! i’ve never seen anything like that in my life. After we heard it rushing through the sky, my boyfriend and I were watching it with our jaws on the floor and simultaneously we both let out the same two long drawn out words ” ooooohhhhh sssshhhhiiiiiittttttt!”. those were the only too words we said while watching this happen. when it was “gone”, the first thought that popped into my head was “TIME TRAVELERS!” and we laughed at my silly comment and thought “dang, i’ve watched too many scifi movies!”. We were both stunned & amazed & a little bewildered because we didn’t know what that was we had seen. Over all, it was beautiful, exciting, joyous, peaceful and a lovely experience. We hope to witness another one! Since this experience we have become avid sky watchers. We try to spend at least 1 hour sky gazing every night.

have any of you MUFON’ers heard of something like this? or experienced one?

Thanks!! ..Love & Light


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