UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on April 24th 2014 – Two lights, one brighter than the other, seemed to be one leading the other

My husband, my best friend and I were sitting on our patio, just hanging out and talking. I happened to notice what I thought to be a plane flying directly overhead and thought, ‘that plane is really up there’ because the brightness of it was not like I’m used to seeing. It just seemed really far away. Then I noticed another light in front of it that seemed to be ‘leading’ it or ‘towing’ it. I said, ‘what the…?’ and my husband and best friend looked to see what I was looking at. We watched it for a few minutes, as it headed southeast. It seemed to be traveling in a very purposeful manner, not wavering, not changing direction in any way. It then disappeared – not into the horizon like you would expect a plane to do, but just disappeared as if it were traveling up. There were no sounds, the lights did not blink, they were both solid white – the one behind brighter than the other. I’m pretty sure planes don’t tow each other mid-air. And we know what satellites look like and what meteors look like. This was definitely something other than a satellite or meteor. This is my second sighting (the first one was completely different, seeming to be a satellite but abruptly changing direction twice) since we moved into this town home in August 2013. I did not get any video – I doubt it would have shown up with such little light anyway. Wondering if we’re not the only ones to have seen this…

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