Area 51 on Google Maps

Hello. You may all of have heard all of this before but I plan to inform you all a bit more. I am not new here. I was registered before but I forgot my pass. My name is Luke. I’m sixteen. I’m going to tell about Area-51 a bit more then previously heard. Sorry if I get anything wrong. I’m only sixteen and I’m still learning but I know quite a bit about Jets and military things.

I’m going to categorize certain things so it will be easier for you all.

Black Jets at Area-51:_
The Jets are probably for night-time reconnaissance which have stealth capabilities similar to the helicopters used for Osama Bin Laden’s capture. These photos are old as 2006 making the reason they were produced unknown. However they could serve a purpose in todays time as a Recon plane in to the Crimea or at Russia.

Helicopters at Area-51:_
The helicopters were probably for the mission to retrieve Osama Bin Laden, judging by the model and the black appearance. One could see they are very much similar to it.

Area 51 ? Yandex.Maps
On Yandex (the russian Google), you can see a more recent updated photo which shows alot more. I’ll be sure to update this thread as the day goes on.

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