UFO Sighting in Brisbane, Queensland on April 22nd 2014 – Observed a red object (flashing) darting around very high up in sky. The way that it moved, its speed, colour, flashing, everything about it was like no other object I have ever seen. The object stopped moving and then disappeared.

My son and I were at home and decided to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Lyrid Meteor Shower at approximately 4.30 am. We were both looking up trying to see some sign of the meteor shower when my son drew my attention to this red object very high up in the night sky.

It was the weirdest thing! The object was very high up (way higher than a plane or helicopter would fly) and was swiftly moving (darting) really fast from west to south east before pausing and disappearing. The entire object was red in colour and flashing (faster than that of a plane light). We could not make out the actual shape as it was so high up and moved so fast.

At first I thought that it had to be a satellite. However, a bit of research has led me to believe otherwise. This object was very distinct and different to anything I have ever seen. I did not want to take my eyes off the object in case it disappeared so we were unable to take photos or film it. Even so, no picture or video could have captured what we saw with our own eyes.

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