UFO Sighting in Massachusetts on June 12th 1972 – it appeard inside a building please call me

early 70ties inside room where i was working. i was inide craft. it appeared it was accidently in wrong location by reaction of alien pilot.saw interview on tv with man named mac million he talk about plasma tunnels in ocean. please call ican descibe better of what i saw . i also saw what could be power sorce. i can descibe the face, chair,panals,3fingers,sky blue with white mix looked like ocean water,7 tv screens 6 small 1 large in middle of 6 small 3 on each side of large in center,panel under screens, the alien was siting in shaped like old colonial high back chair slots in floor in circle and down middle of circle. please please please call me ihave more .can only explain verblythank you r b

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